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Know your place!

The buildings that we live, play, and work in have lived many lives and have many untold stories to tell. As communal gathering spaces and adapted historic spaces, our favorite bars and brewpubs are particularly ripe for the picking. WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ was conceived to share just some of the stories of these places.

Maybe at some point in one of those lives, they were abandoned, neglected, left to squatters, scavengers, and the elements. Maybe they were labeled “eyesores” and dismissed as a pile of bricks. But they were also reinvented—given new life by visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and local business owners. Oftentimes, their transformation has helped transform the neighborhood around them.

Or maybe the home of your favorite watering hole is a long-standing anchor in its community, an anachronistic stalwart, resolutely serving customers for decades. When you walk into it, it’s like stepping back in time. It’s the business that brings in the regular locals day after day or the out-of-towners when they come home for a visit.

Whether they’re an old-timey mainstay or a reinvented industrial space, they are places that hold stories—funny, sad, scandalous, apocryphal, or just plain weird. WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ connects you, the patron, to these places and to a sampling of their stories. It’s not a history lesson; it’s a random amalgamation of titillating tidbits; a series of snippets; a window onto the power of change. All so that you can know your place!

WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ is a project by The Landmark Society of Western New York. The graphics and website for WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ were conceived and executed by Bill Klingensmith of MY DARNDEST, a small design studio located in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York.

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